Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blessings in a breeze.....

Today was glorious.  The weather was perfect.  A cool breeze met me as I walked out the door this morning for church and brought a girlish smile to my face.  This time of year makes me very happy.  If school has to start back and our schedules prohibit us from enjoying the pool and the outdoors a lot during the week, I say, "Bring on the cool weather!"  Once school begins it is time for fall already!

I hate to sweat, which is evident in the fact I have a hard time losing weight.  I love to walk, but HATE to sweat.  The humidity kills me.  It makes me irritable and unpleasant. was different.  Today was cool and beautiful.  The sun was warm enough to feel good and the breeze that blew constantly was just what my spirit needed to get me going.  I took a lovely walk with my daughter and her dog.  It was such a blessing.

I wish it could be the beginning of fall all year round.  Maybe this is what Heaven is like.  The seasons of the year are like life.  Each season represents the ups, downs, ebbs and flows that we experience in life.   God is poetic.  He is the very essence of Beauty and metaphor.  I see life in the seasons and the seasons in life.  My brain is too tired tonight to analyze and be poetic about life.  Even so, I thank God for showing me that He has already thought of it.  He has already written the poetry.

He has given me blessing in a breeze.

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