Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My 11 year old daughter made me a home-made peanut butter pie for my birthday.  She wanted to make Paula Dean's recipe, so she looked it up, had her Daddy take her to the store to buy the ingredients with the money she'd saved and she made it last night.  My 12 year old went to one of my favorite stores and got me a gift card.  I have such lovely daughters who love to think of others and do things for them.  I am blessed.

I had some daisies (of course) on my desk from a dear, dear friend because "daisies are such a happy flower", some "Peeps" from one of my peeps, and a lovely lavender candle for the day when I can finally take a bubble bath and relax.  I'm going to put that on my "to do" list.  Two of my sweet students (a brother and sister) bought me a fun necklace that has a changeable pendant.  It is so unique.  They are so thoughtful.  My Admin team had some cake from the Fresh Market (can't beat that!) and my wonderful colleagues in the high school had a to-die-for chocolate dessert cake.  Mmmmmmm.   All my classes sang "Happy Birthday" to me today in beautiful harmony.  It was truly a lovely thing.

One of my favorite things on my birthday is the phone call I get from my parents.  They call me every year on my birthday, bright and early in the morning and sing "Happy Birthday" in two part harmony to me.  It is truly my favorite part of my birthday.  I hate to think of the day I won't hear that anymore.  I will cherish it every year!

I am thankful for many things.  Being alive is truly a blessing.  Time with my children is priceless.  Watching them learn and grow into the young women God has created them to be is such a privilege.
I am also thankful for parents who raised me in a loving Christian home.  My parents are still together and I do not take that for granted.  I have a great brother who has a wonderful family.  I am also blessed with a wonderful Christian husband.  He is a wonderful provider, friend, and father to our girls.  He is everything I could ever ask for in a lifetime partner.  I love him with all of my heart and being.

My oldest got inducted into the National Jr. Beta Club tonight.  So proud of her good grades, character, service and leadership.  My youngest came home and said she had some free time before bed so she wanted to read.....what a blessing.  She is reading Black Beauty- a classic, of course.

Thank you, Lord.   My cup runneth over.

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