Friday, May 6, 2011

So what is wrapped around YOUR vacuum cleaner brush?

The house was quiet this evening.  One daughter is on an overnight field trip and the other is at a skating party.  I decided to do a little straightening and vacuuming.  As I swept the upstairs hallway, I began noticing that the vacuum didn't seem to be picking up much dirt and dust.  If fact, I don't think it was picking up anything at all.  This has happened before, but after cleaning the dirt container it usually goes back to working normally.  This time, that wasn't happening.  I turned it off, sat on the floor and turned the vacuum over.  I couldn't believe what I saw.  I would post a picture but people would judge me, surely they would.  The amount of "stuff" wrapped around my brush was so thick I couldn't see the brush!  I was so embarrassed....and there was no one home to see it!  I didn't even want the cat to look.  After a half hour of tedious operating, my brush looks like new.

This got me to thinking about how hard we work at cleaning up the messes in our lives.  We work very hard to keep things in our lives looking neat and put together.  There's really nothing wrong with that.  We want order, happiness and calmness.  When things get "messy"at home or at work we quickly act to clean things up so all will be well again.  No one likes to live in a mess or chaos.  The problem is that we are so busy cleaning up the messes around us that we forget that all the dirt and grunge has to go somewhere.  Before long, we are unable to really clean things up because we haven't properly disposed of the grime and trash.  Cleansing is as important as the cleaning process.  It would be like scrubbing toilets and never washing your hands afterwards.  My vacuum cleaner brush was a wonderful visual for me.  My vacuum had worked hard to clean up my messes...but I forgot to clean and take care of the "cleaner".  We have to let things go.  Put them to rest.  Bury the mess.  Forget it and move on.  I've had many messes in my life that I have replayed over and over again.....knowing they were all cleaned up.....but for some reason I kept revisiting them.  I am learning to let them go, forgive, put them to rest, and start with a clean vacuum.

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