Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Signs of Spring

I am weary of the constant weather roller-coaster.  One day the sun shines warmth and our steps are a little lighter...only to wake up to cold winds and cold temperatures chilling us to the bone once again.  I know we need the rain.  I actually love the rain.  I think it is when it is mixed with the cold and bitter winds with a day of sun and warmth thrown in to tease us that it makes me sad. 

I love teaching.  But right now I am weary from the pace that we have to keep as teachers during the day.  We are expected to be "up" and "happy" and "engaging" and "alert".....all the while our sweet charges are sleepy, tired, daydreaming, and generally not interested because they need a break so desperately.  Believe me.....teachers understand.  Underneath our smiles and Energizer Bunny costumes we are weary, too. 

Last night the storms were fierce.  My husband and I woke up in the middle of the night to the flashes of lightening and very high winds.  We did not sleep until it passed.  It rained all the way to school this morning.  By lunchtime as I came out of a long meeting I saw the sun had come out and it was a gorgeous day.  Still cold....still windy....but beautiful.  I had to run to the store during lunch to pick up some treats for my sixth graders.  As I was driving to the store I had an overwhelming sense of Christ's presence as I looked around me at the beautiful dogwoods.   When I lived in Florida it was the pine tree crosses.  Now that I am in North Carolina it is the dogwood blossoms.  There is something about coming out of a long period of cold, cloudy, and dreary days and having a glimpse of the coming of Spring that makes me think of Christ's death and Resurrection.  I remember when I lived in Florida I was always amazed that the pine trees did not bloom until Easter.  It was if they knew and were celebrating the risen Savior along with believers.

Here in North Carolina it is the dogwoods.  If you aren't familiar with the legend of the dogwood trees you can read about it here.  My weariness at this time has had the added weight of our spring break not coming until almost the end of the school year.  Most schools' breaks will have come and gone a month before we will have ours.  So as I look around at the hints of spring in the dogwoods, I long to be with my Savior.  I long to be near Him and thank Him for all he has done for me.  I am confronted with my own lack of worthiness.  I am lacking in so many areas.  I long to stop the roller coaster and sit in the Son.  The cold and dreariness has over stayed it's welcome and I long for the warmth of my Savior on my face and in my heart.

One of my favorite songs is about the dogwoods and the promise of redemption and cleansing.
The lyrics are printed below.  If you click on the title you can hear it.

Dogwood's A' Bloomin'

The dogwoods a’bloomin’,
Oh hush, little one

The winter is over
The warm winds have come

The bud on the maple is tender and green
The hope the Savior is risen with spring

The dogwoods a'bloomin' perfume in the air
Stirrin’ the warm bed of the sleepy old bear
Can he hear the rhythm, the drums on the wind?
The heart of the Savior, is beating again.

The dogwoods a'bloomin; with blossoms of white
Dressin' the dark wood with innocent light
Tellin’ the secret it wants us to know

The sins that were scarlet are whiter than snow.

Come spring.  Please come quickly.

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