Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black (not brown) Thumb

I bought a tomato plant today.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it is to me.  I can't grow anything except mold....and I can do that without even trying.  So today, on a whim, I stopped in the hardware store and they had some tomato plants.  As the girls and I made our way to the car with the fragrant tomato plant, we started talking about growing vegetables.   Before we'd even made it out of the parking lot, the girls had already decided we should grow peppers, lettuce, beans, and they got all excited planning where they might be able to put this magnificent garden in our uneven backyard.  I looked at them and said, "Let's just see if I can keep this one little tomato plant alive."  They laughed the rest of the way home, agreeing that was the best plan.  They told me they would help me keep it alive.  My husband has his doubts.  It was written all over his face when he came home at lunchtime to the excited squeals of the girls announcing that "MOMMY BOUGHT A TOMATO PLANT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH"  Yes, the announcement was followed by much mockery and laughter.  I'll show them.  I think I'll charge them for the tomatoes.

I have enjoyed the last few days of this much needed spring break.  Tonight I have a homemade soup cooking.  It's chicken, zucchini, spinach, carrots, and onions.  I feel so domestic and relaxed.  My washing machine is humming happily. (It ought's brand new.  The old one died....twice.)
The girls are happily playing and GETTING ALONG.  Of course if they don't they have horrible punishments like cleaning the kitchen or doing chores while linking arms and staying glued together.  It makes life interesting.

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