Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sitting Near the Son

My sweet Lucy-girl is about to be 14 years old.  I'll never forget the day we brought her home.  We had moved into a new rental house in Florida and decided to get two cats so they could keep each other company.  We went to the Humane Society and were overwhelmed at the number of cats and kittens on hand.  It was filthy and sad.  This was a couple of years before the Humane Society had new management and better facilities and care.  We stepped into the kitten and small cat cage and were immediately mobbed by cats.  One was climbing up the side of the cage (made like a chain fence) and when he was up far enough he leaped across the cage and landed on my back!  He acted possessed.  I did not want to take him home.  I had always wanted a large, fat cat.  I looked for the biggest kitten I could find.  He was yellow and quite fluffy.  I had one picked out...all I had to do was find the second one to be his friend.  I found a beautiful large smokey gray kitten.  I really wanted that one, but every time I tried to pet him he hissed at me.  I just didn't think he was very friendly.  Every time I went to pick up another cat I saw this very tiny kitten sitting at my feet.  She was skinny, didn't have much hair, and was every color in the book.  She wasn't much to look at.  I continued looking for another beautiful cat, and it seemed they were ALL possessed.  I've never seen so much hissing and jumping all over the place.  All the while, the skinny little kitten was sitting at my feet.  She didn't make any noise and she didn't try to scratch or hiss at me.  Something told me I needed to take her home because no one else would.  That is the story of how we came to have Linus (fat cat) and Lucy (skinny cat).

We took them home and let them loose to roam in the house. Over the next couple of days we noticed that Lucy was acting like she was sick.  She wouldn't eat, was sneezing quite a bit, and didn't stay awake very long.  It was summertime, and she always seemed cold.  There were several skylights in our Florida home and she would find the spot on the carpet that had a square of sunshine from the skylight and sit there.  When the square of light moved, so did she.  She has always followed whatever patch of sunshine she could find.  It could be hot as blue blazes outside and Lucy will find the sunshine spot coming in through the window and sit in the ray of sunshine.  This morning I found her behind the blinds on my bathroom window sill....the only place in the bathroom with any warmth of sunlight.  As I was putting on my make up I was thinking about her finding the sun wherever it is.  God spoke to my heart and reminded me that He wants me to seek Him like that.  He wants me to follow him wherever He is.  He wants me to seek Him out and be near Him all the time.  Such a simple lesson, but one one that has stayed with me all day.  I am so glad that my God speaks to me in the simple things.  I reminds me that He is with me all the time and wants to communicate with me on a very personal level all throughout my day....even during the mundane tasks and daily routines.

Lucy reminds me to "sit near the Son" and follow Him all throughout the day....wherever He moves.

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I love this kind of lesson. Thanks for sharing.