Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time well spent

What is time well-spent?  I guess it is different for each person.  Some people feel that if they are not accomplishing anything in the way of work, tasks, "to-do list" items, cleaning, etc....then they have "wasted" time.  It has taken me a few years of making many mistakes to realize that each person has to determine what is a good investment of their time. 

On some days, accomplishing those needed tasks is definitely time invested wisely.  It feels so good to put that last load of laundry away, look at a spotless kitchen, see clean closets and sit outside looking at your freshly mowed lawn.  It makes life so much more enjoyable when you have tasks completed.  There are other times when simply resting is the best use of one's time.  These past two weeks of Christmas I have done just that.  Sure, there were many tasks that needed doing, many closets that needed cleaning, and lots of neglected areas of the house that needed attention.  But this time we chose to just be with family.  The girls and I left on a Sunday morning before Christmas and traveled to Florida to visit my parents and my husband came right before Christmas with the car.  We had to have something to transport all the Christmas gifts back in!  We slept late, had coffee, ate way too much, had coffee,  baked, played games, watched movies, had coffee, talked, visited with friends over coffee, read books, celebrated Christmas, shopped, drank more coffee, and basically accomplished no major tasks at all.  But, I feel like the investments will reap tremendous rewards in the future.  My girls have great memories of getting in bed with their grandparents, snuggling and reading, taking cart rides in the yard, swinging on the tire swing, making s'mores and roasting hot dogs by a fire, putting on "shows" (daily!), playing with the animals, making cookies, wrapping presents with no help, going to the movies, playing games, laughing until their sides hurt, sleeping late, staying up late, watching the lunar eclipse with their Noni until the wee hours of the morning, Janey playing violin with Papa on the harmonica in church, singing a duet on Christmas eve, eating Mother's homemade chili after the service, and so much more.  Time.  Simply put.

Thank you, God for uninterrupted time.  Thank you God for family.


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