Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Meet Lolly.  I assume most children have a special "friend".  No bedtime is complete without this friend by their side, comforting and soothing them to sleep.  This friend gets dragged through the house, taken on sleepovers, packed in suitcases for vacation and ride-a-longs in the car.  Sometimes nothing can make a child stop crying except their special "friend". 

Ms. Lynda gave Janey her special friend before she was born.  This little cloth doll was waiting on Janey when she came home from the hospital.  We called her Janey's "dolly". 

"Where's your dolly?"
"Can you find your dolly?"
"I'm gonna get your dolly!"

When Janey started talking she tried to say "dolly" and it came out "lolly".  Once she started talking, she called her doll "Lolly" and has ever since.  I am sure every mother out there knows the lengths you will go to sneaking in your child's room to find the special friend in order to wash them.  As Janey got older I would have her help me wash Lolly.  She would put the soap in the washer and turn it on the delicate cycle.  She would patiently wait for Lolly to finish washing and then she would place her gently in the dryer and once again wait until she was clean and dry.  Then.....all was right in her world.

As Lolly got older, she lost her plumpness.  She also lost the cute yarn tassel on the top of her head.  Janey used to carry her around by the yarn.  My mother found another doll just like Lolly and gave her to Janey.  We thought she might like to "swap her out".  That suggestion didn't fly.  So Lolly now has a nice, new, plump friend named "Molly". 

Tonight, I found Lolly on my bed.  Apparently Janey brought her in when she came up for bed. 
How do you resist a well planned out request?   Not many mothers can.  So, out came my sewing basket, needle and thread.  I mean, the child even provided the stuffing!  So, Lolly is now a little more plump than she was yesterday.  I have to close now and go and reunite Lolly with Janey. friend's name was Leo.  Leo the Lion. 

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