Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Bee Bee" and "B"

Mrs. Bible's "Kitty Cat" stitch afghan.  A cherished wedding gift.

My BeeBee's afghan.  A cherished heirloom.
Both these blankets are cherished items in my house.  The first blanket is on my bed almost year-round, especially during the fall and winter.  I use it on my side of the bed on top of my comforter at night.  It is so soft and warm.  It is also a fabulous nap blanket!  Mrs. Helen Bible, "B" to her family, made this for me for a wedding gift.  "B" was my first grade Sunday School teacher and a faithful Vacation Bible School teacher in our church for years.  When I got to be a teenager, I helped her in VBS in the summers also.  She was a nurse during her working years and traveled as our nurse on church trips after she retired.  She lived with her son and his family in town and was loved by all who knew her.  This blanket has a unique stitch called the "kitty cat stitch".  If you look closely at the blanket you can see each color row looks like a row of cats sitting with their tales hanging down. 

The second afghan was made by my maternal grandmother.  Pearl Story Parrish was a wife and mother of three.  My mother was her middle child.  She had many talents, one of which was crocheting.  She baked cakes all the time for her friends.  She always had a fresh cake on the table.  She also made jewelry.  This blanket has special memories to me.  I grew up in Florida and where cold weather isn't very common.  There were a few weeks in the winter time where the temperature would dip low enough to actually turn the heater on in the house.  It would come on and we would smell it.  It rarely ran, so when my parents would turn it on to "knock the chill off" it would smell for a few minutes.  I remember my mother coming in my room in the middle of the night to put this blanket on me to keep me warm on those few cold nights.  It is very heavy.  She would lay it on me and I would feel it drop on me and I would snuggle down and go back to sleep all warm and toasty.  Great memories.  Now this blanket is on my daughter's bed and she loves it.  She loves it even more after I told her the story about who made it and how my mother put it on me on cold nights. 

Each blanket is very different, but it wouldn't be "home" without them.

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