Monday, January 31, 2011

As The Washer Turns

There is something soothing about the sound of my washing machine.   I love the constant hum of the washer as it turns and spins.  Saturday I was extremely tired and decided to take a nap.  The washer was running and I remember slipping off to sleep so easily....comforted by the fact that even though I slept, progress was under way in the laundry/house keeping department.  Chuckle if you must.  

I am home today with a sick child.  I hate it when my children are sick.  I am glad to be here with her, though.  She is quiet and in need of some TLC as well as liquids and lots of rest.  I love tucking the blanket under her feet and making her feel cozy.  She is eating grits (as every good southerner should).  The warmth is good on her throat, as well as the texture that will help the discomfort in her throat also.  Soup is good, grits are better.  A nap for her is just on the horizon. 

The washer going is a great kind of quiet for me.  Total quiet is almost loud.  I hear more things in the total silence that distract me.  The silence of white noise allows my mind to concentrate, pray, think, read, and of course nap when necessary.  My dad often talked about working third shift at Goodyear Tire plant years ago while he was in school.  He would come home in the early morning and go to sleep to the sound of the vaccum cleaner.  I don't have the same affection for the vaccum cleaner as my dad does.  I associate the vaccum cleaner with unrest.  When I was a teenager and sleeping late on Saturdays, my mother would often wake me up by running the vaccum cleaner outside my bedroom door.  If that didn't work, she would hit the door with the front of the vaccum....eventually making her way into my bedroom and vaccuming right there while I tried to sleep in peace.  Hahaha!   Someone vaccuming means I'm not up working and therefore I feel guilty.  So, I don't like the vaccum cleaner noise. 

Today has been quiet.  I've done some work, planned some meals, given medicine, fixed lots of hot tea and sick foods and loved my girl.  Looks like we may be doing this again tomorrow.

Well, the washer has stopped.  I must go start it again. 

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