Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Precious jewels

I have a very unique wedding ring guard.  It is a wrap that has six tiny marquise diamonds...three on each side that surround my engagement ring.  This sweet little ring guard has quite a story.  Before we had children we moved to Florida from Alabama.   I woke up one morning and went about my normal routine.  I showered, dressed, ate breakfast and went to work.  I taught school all day and then went home.  As I was preparing supper, I noticed that one of the diamonds on my ring guard was missing.  I was very upset.  I couldn't imagine where in the world it had fallen out and because of it's delicate size I knew there was no possibility of EVER finding it.  As I sat thinking about the lost gem, I remembered that the night before I had awakened in the night time because I hit my hand on the night stand and it really hurt.  As I was thinking about hitting my hand, I remembered that I always sleep with my hand under my pillow.  Could it possibly be there?  I ran to the bedroom and unmade the bed and ever so slowly lifted my pillow and looked underneath.  I could not believe my eyes!  There was the tiny little diamond!!!  I am still amazed when I think about it.  It was a long time before I got the ring fixed.  Two pregnancies and life got in the way.  One day, many years later, my husband had it fixed and gave it back to me.  I was thrilled.  It was like getting a brand-new ring because I hadn't worn the guard in so long.  We had moved to North Carolina and went back to Florida to visit my family in the summer a few months after I got my ring back.  I was doing some laundry and as I was pulling clothes out of the washer, I knocked my hand on the agitator.  I finished putting the clothes in the dryer and went to put some ice on my hand.  I had hit it pretty hard and it looked as if it would bruise.  As I looked down at my hand.....yep, you guessed it.....the little diamond had once again disappeared!   It had been quite a while since I had knocked my hand.  If the diamond had fallen in the washer...it was gone.  It was so small it would have gone down the little drain holes.  I was once again very sad and disappointed and added quite a bit of frustration to my feelings this time.  How could this happen twice?  I sat there and thought for a few minutes about how I didn't want to tell my husband.  As I was fretting over this news....I noticed I was barefoot.  A fleeting thought went through my mind...a very strange thought.   Was it possible?  I looked on the bottom of my foot and THERE IT WAS...stuck to the bottom of my foot!!!  I can't believe this little diamond has disappeared and been found not once, but twice.  I mean it's not like it's a large diamond that you can see across a room!!  Sadly, the diamond guard once again got put in a drawer and went unfixed for quite some time.  I took it myself over the summer and had it fixed....again.

The story doesn't end here.  Yesterday I was coming out of my classroom and knocked my hand on the doorknob.  I walked down the hallway and into my office and sat down to check email.  I don't know how much time went by when I looked down and noticed that...yes....my diamond was once again....gone.  (the big sigh)  Really?  Again???  I mean this is three times in 18 years that the same diamond is lost and then found.  What are the odds of that?  I got up and thought that it was useless.  The hallway tile is white....and very dirty. Many feet had trampled the hallway.  I walked down the hallway to my room anyway.  I walked slowly and looked at every inch of the floor between my office and my classroom.  No diamond.  I got to the door of the classroom where I'd knocked my hand.  I looked down on the carpet....and there it was!  It was so small I almost missed it.  I laughed out loud.  The odds of this happening three times and being found three times were so high that it was quite comical. 

As I put my ring up today in a safe place to await the day I can once again have it fixed, I was thinking about that little gem.  Valuable, yet small.  It is a diamond and diamonds are precious.  It's size makes it vulnerable.
I got to thinking that God looks at me as a precious jewel.  I look at me as "small" and "hard to see" sometimes---not very significant.  God is so faithful.  No matter how many times I get "lost" along this journey, He always finds me and fixes what is broken.  I am never lost to Him.  No matter how small or how lost in the crowd I may feel, God knows where to find me in that haystack and He fixes me over and over again.  He never throws me away!  He never gives up and leaves me there for the vacuum! 

I will take my ring and have it fixed again.  And I will remember how much my God loves me and considers me His jewel. 

Then those who feared the LORD spoke to one another,
And the LORD listened and heard them;

So a book of remembrance was written before Him
For those who fear the LORD
And who meditate on His name.
“ They shall be Mine,” says the LORD of hosts,
“ On the day that I make them My jewels.
And I will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him.”
Malachi 3:15-17

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful story. Glorious lesson! Thanks!