Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I ran across this poem in a Beth Moore Bible study book.  I think there are many women out there who can identify with this.  I hope you enjoy!

Superwoman's Freedom Plea

Oh, Lord, who said there's just One Life to Live?
I'm sure I'm livin' a thousand!
The few times I do awake to pray
All My children start arousin'!

Uh, oh!  No time for quiet now
Think quick!  The day's beginnin'!
I'll try to recall all Oprah's advice....
Then my head starts spinnin'.

Make those younguns religious, cautious but not suspicious
And watch their self-esteem!
Yet you be professional, look sensational
And keep that house squeaky clean!

And perish the thought you'd forget the needs
Of that marvelous man you married
Why, throw yourself before him when he raises his eyebrows
And quit thinking, "I'd rather be buried!"

Oops, now I'm late for work, the kids hate their clothes
And the baby's got a cough
As the World Turns so quickly, I'm severely tempted
To take the next jump off.

Surely they're kiddin', Is there anyone left
Who's honestly Young and Restless
As for me, I feel centuries old, completely worn out
And cellulite infested!

It's gonna take more than Ryan's Hope for this woman to survive.
I cannot abide another deep breath of these Days of our Lives!
Superwoman? She's a curse.  To fake her is impossible!
And if I try for one more day, I'll wind up in General Hospital!

I've gotta be here, I've gotta be there
I frankly cannot face it.
Rescue me from havoc, please, show me what is basic!
Slow me down, Lord, save this life and keep my eyes on You.
Satan can have this rat race world----

Thank God, I'm just passin' through.

~Beth Moore, author

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