Thursday, August 5, 2010

a few of my favorite "girlie" things.....

I love it when I open a blog occasionally and the writer has written about some trinket or product that they find fascinating, useful, or just plain fun.  I have two products that have made me a happy girl lately.

I have sensitive skin and have tried every facial cleanser and makeup remover on the market.  I've even bought the expensive ones.  With sensitive skin, the drugstore brands often irritate my skin.  Even those marked "dermatologist recommended" can still irritate my skin.  I ran out of my $30 cleanser that really works.  (which I really like, by the way---but really need to save that money!!!) I wouldn't spend that much if my poor rosacea didn't need it.  But, I really wanted to find something less expensive and good for my skin.  I've tried several....all to no avail.  I was out of cleanser the other day and decided, once again, to try a drugstore brand.  I ran across this new product for sensitive skin that I had never tried.  I love it.  It costs around $5 in most drugstores.  It takes my make up off, cleanses my skin, leaves it moisturized and does not irritate it at all.  I'm hooked.....and all for $5!!!

Another product that I discovered this summer is a new concealer.  The difference in this concealer is that you apply it on top of your foundation and powder instead of applying it first.  I love it.  It is more natural looking than others and it lasts most of the day.  Now, it costs a little more than the $3.99 concealer I bought at the drugstore, but I was getting $3.99 worth of coverage and it didn't last five minutes.  So the $20 I pay for this is worth the feeling I get when I use it and "forget" it for the rest of the day!

So for about $25 these products last a long time and I'm happy with them.  I've ended up saving money because I don't use another product---only to be disappointed---and have to go out and purchase another product.  I think I will stick with these for a long time.  If you end up trying either of them, I'd love to hear about it.....unless you hate them.....then you can just keep that to yourself!  :)

If you have any great products that bring you joy....please share!  I love to hear about things other people recommend and possibly try them out.

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