Friday, July 2, 2010


I feel I am losing my sense of wonder.  I have information instantly at my fingertips.  Just the other night my husband and I were  talking about something and we said, "I wonder what......"  Immediately we picked up the computer and "google'd" the particular question and had an instant list of about 1000 answers.  We immediately looked up our answer and quickly read through the website.  We had our answer and.....then we sat there.  What a letdown.  The wonder was gone....answer given...I was smarter....but something was missing.

Instant answers.  I love the fact that if I have a question, I can get an answer almost immediately.  It has come in handy many times while cooking, dosing instructions for certain medications, research, scripture searches, shopping, finding out about rashes, etc.   Google is a mother's best friend!  Of course, you can go overboard and end up talking yourself into believing that  the rash that is simply  "a rash" is some dreaded disease leaving one with only a few months left to live.  Yes, I have gone overboard a time or two.

We live in an age where information is literally at our fingertips in a matter of seconds.  When I was a young girl, we would have a research project that would require a trip to the library.  I would walk in the door and smell that wonderful smell of.........books!  Then the search would begin.  Libraries are so calming and quiet.  I could stay there for hours.  But now, all we have to do is flip open the laptop, type in our topic and out spits thousands of answers to our research questions.  The only issue is which ones to choose.  We never leave our home, we don't even have to get off the sofa!   No overdue fines on books (yes, I had MANY).  We can then write the research paper right there on the laptop, correct mistakes (without correction tabs--remember those?), and then print to our wireless printer!  Viola!  All finished!  Oh!  Sometimes we don't even have to print...we just e-mail our paper to our teacher/professor!  How convenient.   I remember being in college and computers were just becoming popular.  They were HUGE in size.  The new lab had about three rows of computers and three printers located at various places around the room.  The night before papers were due, students would be found in the lab typing away, while others waited (for hours at times) for the next available opening.  I admit, things are much easier now!

I know that there are wonderful things about the technology age we live in.   The thing we are missing is balance.  We don't do a very good job with balancing things today.  We are out of control in some ways.
I have lost my sense of wonder and I want it back!  I no longer sit and daydream or wonder about things.  I believe that our creativity has been damaged and crippled by our lack of wonder.   Instead of letting our minds work, we let the computer do our work so we can......get on to the next thing on our list.  No wonder we feel so nervous and agitated.

I am going to make a conscious effort to allow myself to wonder more---and daydream.

I wonder how many times the word "wonder" is in the Bible?  Maybe I could google it....or maybe not.

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