Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Chair

This is my chair.  It is quite "girlie", I know.  If it were covered in a plain "manly" fabric, I'm sure it wouldn't be my chair...but since it's covered in pink flowers I can claim it.  I am looking forward to summer when my chair and I can become acquainted again.  This last month of school my stamina has worn thin and I have missed my early mornings of hot coffee or tea, my Bible, and my chair.  One more ingredient to my special mornings in my chair is my sweet old friend, Lucy.  She is thirteen and gets up every morning with me and sits on the arm of my chair.  She likes this chair as much as I do.  So don't worry, Lucy!  I'll meet you in our chair very soon.  I can't wait to pour me a cup of green and white tea and meet Jesus in my chair.  Now, I talk to Jesus every day...all day.  I've even been reading my Bible.....just not in my chair.  So, I can't wait.  One more day!!!
Maybe I'll go buy a new kind of tea to celebrate!

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Anonymous said...

I got to sit in your chair last night! Thanks! Have a great summer with Jesus and Lucy.