Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Friend

Dear Bossom Friend,

Where have you been?
I have looked and looked but cannot find you in any corner of my world.  I have searched for you in the night and look for your porch light, but it is not the path to your door.

Are you happy? Are you busy?  Oh how I long to share your days.  The exciting moments were always memorable,  but it was the ordinary days I cherished the most.

I long to hear you news and share in your experiences.  I long to share my news, my joys, my laughter with you.  I laugh and smile and wish you were here to share it.

Dear friend, I have left my own porch light on.  It burns every night. I fear the light will burn out soon.
Some nights I wonder why I turn it on at all.

You never come.

Once I shared my joys! Once I shared my hurts.  I listened with my heart to yours. I prayed for yours.
I fear mine were........forgotten.  No worry. I suppose mine really weren't that important.  You asked, though. So I shared. I shared from my heart.

You asked again, and again I shared....and you if you'd never heard them. I wonder if you did.

Dear friend, I pray for you. I pray that we will one day share our thoughts and dreams.   I want to laugh and cry with you.  I want to be myself with you and accept you for who you are...faults and all.

Life is out of control.  We are on a merry-go-round that won't stop.
I wish we could be in a swing instead.  Swings are much more pleasant and peaceful.
They lend themselves to fellowship.  Front porches, too.  Have you ever noticed how many homes have beautiful front porches today?  But no one is sitting on them.  No one is rocking on them.  No one is swinging on them.  No one is visiting.  We are all too busy.  We also become comfortable locked behind our doors and walls.  Myself included.

Help us, Lord to slow down....and swing or rock.

So friend, I'll meet you in the swing or the rockers...
Will you be there?  I will.

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