Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bare Naked

Stripped down.  Nothing left.
Just you and God.

No video.  No background music.  No snacks.
Just you in the silence...listening for God to speak.

No entertaining singers.  No charismatic speaker.
Just the spoken or read Word.

Would you stay?   Would you worship?
Would the silence make you uncomfortable?
Would the lack of luster bore you?
Would you be able to stay awake?
Would it "keep your attention"?

I have been asking myself lately what it is that beckons me to worship.
For every description of things that lead me to worship, others might argue that these things don't lead them to worship at all.  They might say that it isn't in their taste or preference.  What blesses me might not bless them.  What calms my spirit might put them to sleep.  What makes me look upward might make them look for the nearest exit.   You can flip the roles and find me looking for the nearest exit at times also.

But why is that?  I am convinced it is because the things that we claim help us to worship are preferences, not necessities.  So what would happen if we stripped our worship down to bare nakedness?

And therein lies the answer in my heart.  I believe we must remove the preferences from our minds and hearts..... 24/7....not just on Sunday.  Worship is 24/7.  If we are referring to worship as what we do on Sunday, then our preferences are already in the way.  We have "worship" in a box,  in a building, with a particular atmosphere.   Yes, we all have preferences.  Believe me....I do.  But I believe that if we really worshipped every day, all these things really wouldn't matter.  We would actually be longing and starving for something totally different than what the world gives us.  Satan has us right where he wants us.  We are so focused on finding our preferences and having our senses tickled that we aren't focused-- really focused on God...unless the song is right, or the preacher is entertaining or charismatic enough.  True worship should lead us to God.   It shouldn't lead us to a preacher, a church, or a service.  True worship happens in our hearts....."in spirit and in truth".  If we have been seeking Him without all the frills....we won't long for our preferences anymore.  We will long for the Word.  We will long for Him.  We will then be able to worship alongside other believers of all ages....

"And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace."

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