Monday, May 3, 2010

Keeper of the "Coolness"

We've all been there. We have all found ourselves in a place where we hide our true personality, convictions, and beliefs. We have even found ourselves hiding the fact that we "like" or "dislike" something. Simply put, we are afraid or ashamed to be ourselves. We find that someone else seems to have "the list" or "the book" that lists the things that are "okay" or "cool" or "approved". My question is this: Who died and made that person "Keeper of the Coolness"?
Who gave them the badge? What makes this person the authority on what is "cool", "right", "approved" or "okay"?

One of my daughters is 10 years old. She is still a little girl who loves to play! She loves to dance, sing, pretend, dress up, make up plays, put on shows, and with Barbies. But for some reason, she thinks that if certain people in her class knew that she not only plays with Barbies, but likes playing with Barbies that they will make fun of her, shun her, and talk about her behind her back---or in front of her face for that matter. This is an age-old problem. For centuries people have hidden things they enjoy or thoughts and opinions they have from others for fear of ridicule or embarrassment.

So who made this person or group of people "Keeper of the Coolness"?? Well we did, silly. The simple fact that we hide our true selves from others elects them to this "office" by a landslide with no competition whatsoever. What reaction will they have to our transparency? What if we replaced this unhealthy fear with a healthy fear of the Lord?
Oh, that we might fear the Lord instead of another human being!! God already knows our true heart. We are transparent whether we intend to be or not. He sees us and knows all. Are we being true to who He created us to be? Are we enjoying the personality he instilled in us? Are we walking with joy because we are bringing Him glory by fulfilling our purpose?

I implore you to pick up your badge. Put it on. Grab your bumper sticker or your car magnet and show the world that God is "Keeper of the Coolness". As long as God is pleased with who you are, everyone else should be, too. Don't elevate others to the position of deciding who you are and what you will think. Live in God's word. Listen to His truth. Reflect His image! By doing so you will become your own keeper!

Keeper of the word.
Keeper of the way.
Keeper of the truth.
Keeper of the love.
Keeper of the coolness!

You will be happier, healthier, and more peaceful.
You can show others that they are unique human beings, created by the One whose opinion really matters. His approval is all we need.


leslie said...

I remember when my best friend told me in no uncertain terms, "We don't play with dolls anymore." I was humiliated and terribly disappointed. I was not ready to make the leap into the cool world. I was also 12. It keeps getting sooner and sooner. Great post. Praying for you, friend. Young moms have a tough job, but the rewards are great. Keep pressing on!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this. It becomes interesting when dealing with one's sexual orientation. In that case, Christians feel entitled to be the decision makers on whether or not it is "cool", or "not cool" concerning sexual orientation; to put it in those terms. Are Christians rightly entitled to make such decisions on a person's sexual orientation? Many of them think so.