Sunday, May 10, 2009

"A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised"

All was quiet. All was peaceful. Room was dark (thanks to special darkening blinds). And then my heart almost stopped. I awoke to the door BUSTING OPEN and loud yells......

(phew----a moment to adjust!!!)

The two most beautiful gifts with smiles a mile wide stood before me! My beautiful children. The most precious gifts I've ever received. Thank you, Lord for your blessings!

Homemade gifts in hand, wrapped in an entire roll of wrapping paper, they climbed up on the bed and the day began! Poetry and pictures and breakfast in bed! (and a Starbucks card and DAISIES!!! from my hubby) What a wonderful way to start the day.

I talked to my own Mother this morning. She is a gem. I love her so. I wish I could shower her with pampering today.....home-cooked lunch, a trip to get nails done, etc...

The day I became a Mother, God gave me a gift. Yes, my children are the best gift from my Heavenly Father. But He gave me another gift--one that is forever ingrained in my mind and heart. Having children has given me a glimpse into the heart of God. The love that He has
for me. The unconditional, "love-you-so-much-I'd-die-for-you" kind of love. I had a "head" knowledge of God's love. I had felt His love for me. But I never really began to understand His love until I had children of my own. I would do anything for my children. I would love to be able to shelter them from heartache and protect them from hurt and disappointment....but when they need my discipline, it is my love for them that allows me to discipline and guide them. Sometimes they may be upset with me, but I know that it is for their own good. God has allowed me to see that on multiple occasions and continually reminds me of His love for me. A love that comforts, guides, prunes and cuts away, gives and takes, grieves, labors, delights and celebrates.

Thank you, Lord for loving me, for giving me a wonderful Mother, and for allowing me to mother two of your precious children....and allow me to call them my own!

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