Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Memorable Moment

I have been reflecting on my journey at my current job. These students have come so far in only two years. As we completed our second year together, there was a moment in our spring concert where the choir was "on their own". They presented a piece of music entitled, "Lord, Have Mercy". It was student led and accompanied, and I had the priviledge to sit and watch. It was breathtaking from my seat. It was a moment where I finally got to sit and listen from the perspective of everyone else in the audience.  I was able to enjoy and be a recipient of what they had to offer as musicians. What was so amazing was that the gift they gave their audience was one of authenticity. They allowed us a look into their hearts. They love Jesus. They love their music. They allowed us to worship alongside them. They were worshipping, and we were allowed a glimpse of that worship. It was beautiful and such a blessing to me as a teacher. It was a true picture of what our school aims to do through a classical education. In the study of rhetoric, students learn how to express what they know and what they are learning. The rhetoric stage is built on a foundation of accumulated knowledge and is the capstone of the Trivium. On the stage that night was a beautiful example of this stage of their educational journey and their spiritual journey.

Another highlight from the evening was the first "Men's Choir" from the school performing a beautiful indian love song. One of the students posted it on YouTube. You can listen below.   I listen to it when I need a reminder of why I love what I do. The moments that keep you going back every day.

It was a great night...memorable moments!


The O'Herns said...

AWESOME! You are so amazing...mother,teacher and friend! Love you! Amy

Scott, Jenn and Anna said...

You are so gifted. I love the ballet dancer =)